May Medal Results (Mens & Ladies)


JASON KEENE won division 1 going out in 34 coming back in 43 with 10 pars beating GARRY BICKLEY by 2 shots. IAIN FISHER won division 2 going out in 39 coming back in 37 with 2 birdies and 8 pars beating BILL BONES in a card play off. BEN WILLSON won division 3 going out in 48 coming back in 44 with 2 pars beating JAGU PATEL by 3 shots.

Division 1 Result
1st JASON KEENE 77-12c=65
2nd GARRY BICKLEY 76-9c=67
3rd NIC K GILKS 74-6c=68

Division 2 Result
1st IAIN FISHER 76-15c=61
2nd BILL BONES 83-22c=61
3rd JAYESH PATEL 82-18c=64

Division 3 Result
1st BEN WILLSON 92-28c=64
2nd JAGU PATEL 91-24c=67
3rd ROBERT DEEMING 97-27c=70


MARGARET JOHNSON won going out in 50 coming back in 57 with 1 par beating VAL GILKS by 4 shots.


1st MARGARET JOHNSON 107 – 28c = 79

2nd VAL GILKS113 – 30c = 83

3rd SUE MERRICK 113 – 29c = 84

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