IAIN FISHER won division 1 going out in 43 coming back in 38 with 1 birdie and 6 pars beating Jez Bull in a card play off. Brian Williams won division 2 going out in 41 coming back in 39 with 1 birdie and 8 pars beating JAMES GLOVER by 2 shots. ROBERT DEEMING won division 3 going out in 49 coming back in 46 with 2 pars beating ROBERT BASSETT by 2 shots.

Division 1 Result
1st IAIN FISHER 81-12c=69
2nd Jez Bull 74-5c=69
3rd JAKE GRIFFITHS 80-11c=69

Division 2 Result
1st Brian Williams 80-18c=62
2nd JAMES GLOVER 84-20c=64
3rd Neil Cox 87-21c=66

Division 3 Result
1st ROBERT DEEMING 95-26c=69
2nd ROBERT BASSETT 116-45c=71
3rd ADAM WILLSON 99-27c=72



SARA BRITAIN won going out in 49 coming back in 45 with 5 pars beating ALMA GILKS in a card play off.

  1. SARA BRITAIN 94 – 24c = 70
  2.  ALMA GILKS 106 – 36c = 70
  3. VAL GILKS 102 – 30c = 72




Barry Hughes, Neil Jekinson & Hitachi Facit

Results for Sunday 14 June 

Barry Hughes 

1st Nic Gilks Gross 72 (Wins on better back 9)

2nd Jez Bull Gross 72

2nd Garry Bickley Gross 72

Neil Jekinson

1st Dan Campbell  nett 64

2nd Paul Remorini net 65

Hitachi Facit

1st Nathan Britain

Ladies Jubilee Trophy 

1st Sarah Britain nett 74  (Wins on better back 9)

2nd Alma Gilks nett 74




Ben Wykes wins the Apex windows

Ben Wykes took the honours on sunday with a Massive 41 Pts and was duly crowned the APEX WINDOWS champion

  1. Ben Wykes 41pts
  2. Ben Wilson & Paul Remorini – 39Pts
  3. Graham Thompson – 38pts
  4. Ian Fisher 37pts

There were 38 entries. So well done everyone for getting out

Due to the competition not effecting handicaps with the Covid Golf Rules the full result is not on HOW DID I DO , so we can only publish the top 5 places.