Bramcote hosted successful PGA Charity Day


Bramcote Golf Course hosted the PGA Charity day event in October and our very own Pro & PGA Midlands captain Nic Gilks has given the Association’s Benevolent Fund a £1,000-plus boost by the donating the proceeds from the successful  golf day

Nic chose the charity that helps PGA pros who have fallen on hard times to be the beneficiary of the annual event staged by the regional captain.

“The PGA Benevolent Fund does a great job for pros and I was more than happy to support it by holding a fundraising pro-am at  Bramcote,” explained Gilks.

Fifteen teams, each comprising a PGA Professional and three amateurs, took part in the day which raised £1,435 for the fund.

“The cash came from entry fees and an auction which included fourballs donated from a number of clubs in the area,” added Gilks.

“I’m delighted with the way the day went and can’t thank the 60 players who took part in the day and the clubs that donated auction items enough.”

The pro-am was won by Ben Jones and his trio of amateurs – Suresh, Ram and Jayesh Patel who are all members of Bramcote Waters.

In addition to the golf, a novelty competition was staged on each of the club’s nine holes. These included bowls, rugby, football, javelin throwing, putting the shot and frisbee golf.

A number of Bramcote members took part in the fund raising day  and with the success of this event , hopefully it wont be to long before the club host another.


October News


The last two club competitions are now open for entries, these are the MEMORIAL TROPHY on Sunday 13th Oct and the TUCKEY BUCKET (aka CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS) on Sunday 20th Oct. If you have not yet entered now is the time to get your name on the sheet and win a trophy for presentation night.

FRIDAY 15/11/2019 7.00 for 7.30pm JACKET & TIE REQUIRED

LADIES it was 2012 when the TUCKEY BUCKET was last won by a lady member, you must be due for another win, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Anyone who still has a trophy at home could you please call me so that arrangements can be made to get it too me, all trophies need to be at the engravers by 14/10/19 in order to get them back for presentation night.

Don’t forget to put your name on the list in reception if you will be attending presentation night. The captains are working round the clock to prepare their speeches so come along and give them your support.

Best Regards
Mike Bull

Ladies September Results Roundup

“Winners of the Wednesday morning 9 hole Stableford competitions in September were: Margaret Johnson, Joan Smith, Pat Ford and Judy Leigh.
Other competitions played during the month were the
September Medal which was won by Donna Hughes;
Alma’s Autumn Wine – won by Val Gilks;
Donna’s Decanter – won by Debbie Kendall;
The Margaret Johnson Vase – won by Val Gilks
September Stableford – won by Chris Blackwell.
The Summer Ecletic competition which started on 1st June and finished at the end of August was won by Vicky Clarke. The Sue Prior Cup, a ladies’ knockout competition, which started on 1st April and finished at the end of September, was won by Chris Blackwell.
Many congratulations to all the winners and to those who took part. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to continue to enjoy playing golf throughout the winter.”

October Medal – Men & Ladies Results



JASON KEENE won division 1 going out in 39 coming back in 38 with 9 pars beating IAIN FISHER in a card play off. SIMON CHEESMORE won division 2 going out in 42 coming back in 46 with 4 pars beating PAUL REMORINI in a card play off. PETE MIHAILOVIC won division 3 going out in 48 coming back in 45 with 1 birdie and 2 pars beating PETE BURNS by 1 shot.


  • JASON KEENE77 – 12c = 65
  • IAIN FISHER76 – 11c = 65
  • SURESH PATEL83 – 14c = 69


  • SIMON CHEESMORE88 – 20c = 68
  • PAUL REMORINI83 – 15c = 68
  • RAMESH PATEL86 – 15c = 71


  • PETE MIHAILOVIC93 – 25c = 68
  • PETE BURNS96 – 27c = 69
  • JAGU PATEL96 – 24c = 72


SARA BRITAIN won going out in 50 coming back in 48 with 2 pars beating DEBBIE KENDALL by 3 shots.

  • SARA BRITAIN98 – 23c = 75
  • DEBBIE KENDALL99 – 21c = 78
  • VAL GILKS114 – 30c = 84


Donnas Decanter & Ian Cambell Trophy

Donnas Decanter

ALMA GILKS -3 35.9
VAL GILKS -7 29.8

Ian Cambell Trophy

PETE BURNS * 5 27.4
BILL BONES -1 20.3
JOHN EVANS -3 16.6
JAGU PATEL -4 24.0

September Medal

DONNA HUGHES won going out in 45 coming back in 49 with 5 pars beating ALMA GILKS by 8 shots.
DONNA HUGHES    94 – 25c = 69
ALMA GILKS   113 – 36c = 77
VAL GILKS  110 – 30c = 80
DAVID JONES won division 1 going out in 38 coming back in 41 with 3 birdies and 3 pars beating ALAN ABBOTT by 2 shots.
DEREK ABBOTT won division 2 going out in 41 coming back in 41 with 1 birdie and 4 pars beating SIMON CHEESMORE by 1 shot.
PETE MIHAILOVIC won division 3 going out in 49 coming back in 40 with 5 pars beating Nicholas Holder in a card play off.
Division 1

DAVID JONES 79 – 13c = 66
ALAN ABBOTT 82 – 14c = 68
GARRY BICKLEY 75 – 6c = 6

Division 2

DEREK ABBOTT 82 – 18c = 64
SIMON CHEESMORE 85 – 20c = 65
MICK PREEDY 96 – 22c = 74

Division 3
PETE MIHAILOVIC 89 – 25c = 64
NICHOLAS HOLDER 92 – 28c = 64
STUART WRIGHT 93 – 25c = 68

August Medal Results (Mens & Ladies)

IAIN FISHER * won division 1 going out in 33 coming back in 39 with 3 birdies and 8 pars beating GARRY BICKLEY by 6 shots.

PAUL REMORINI won division 2 going out in 43 coming back in 37 with 1 birdie and 8 pars beating DEREK ABBOTT by 5 shots.

ROBERT DEEMING won division 3 going out in 47 coming back in 43 with 3 pars beating MICK PREEDY by 1 shot.

Ladies – DONNA HUGHES took the honours for Ladies section going out in 47 and coming back 45 with 3 pars beating Val Gilks by 3 shots



Ladies July Results

Congratulations to the winners of the July competitions.

Sue Merrick (twice) and Alison Ford won the Wednesday morning 9 hole Stableford competitions.

Alma Gilks won the Silver Spoon competition and Val Gilks and Debbie Kendall won the Four Ball Better Ball Competition.

Well done to all the ladies who entered these competitions.  Your support is much appreciated.”